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Lifting Globalizers With Elevators

Although globalizers play a critical role in the digital age, a number of them feel invisible in global organizations. Elevating globalization from being a cost driver to a profit driver takes a lot of effort and time.Read More >>


How to Upcycle Content for Marketing Success

Getting the most out of your content spend is essential in achieving a good ROI on investment. You can maximize your returns by upcycling your content.Read More >>

A Guide to Emotional AI for Business

Emotional AI (or emotion recognition AI) can be described as the automated detection of human emotions and feelings using software. Read on for an overview of emotional AI and potential use cases/applications.Read More >>

Visit Indy’s Marketing Team Puts Visitors in the Driver’s Seat

When Visit Indy wanted to extend its marketing throughout the year, it turned to the power of user-generated content to drive engagement through digital channels. Read More >>

AI and the Connected World: How Linguistic AI Solves Translation for Global Brands

In Part II of this three-part series on "Artificial Intelligence and the Connected World," we examine the role of Linguistic AI in content translation and how for global marketers, this means more meaningful, timely and actionable content.Read More >>

The Weird and Wonderful World of AI and What It Means for Mobile

2019 is the year of AI. Its rise in the last few years has been as unstoppable as the robots portrayed in sci-fi films. In 2016, AI did not feature in the top 100 search terms on Gartner. By May 2017, AI ranked seventh. Gartner predicts that by 2020, AI technologies will be present in almost all new software products and services.Read More >>

Sneaky Secrets to Help You Conquer the Competitor Landscape

Whether on Facebook, GDN or Twitter, these are the moves that you should use to entice your rivals' audience. In this article, we reveal practical competitor targeting strategies.Read More >>

How to Prepare Your Social Media Strategies for the Consumers of Tomorrow

The face of social media is changing, carrying younger generations' attention and dollars with it. Brands will need to shift their strategies in order to reach Gen Z--here's how. Read More >>

3 Things to Do Before Your Company Can Call Itself a Brand

The threshold for a product becoming a brand is debatable. However, just as it's reasonable to say an actor who is not famous is not a celebrity, it's also reasonable to say a company or product that is not famous is not a brand. Read More >>

EContent Infographic: The AI Revolution

In each issue of EContent, we bring you an infographic based on the latest and more important data on a specific topic. This time, we're tackling Artificial Intelligence. Read More >>

VIDEO: How Can Organizations Balance Agility and Differentiation?

Riad Hijal, Global Head & VP, Commerce Strategy & Solution Management at SAP addresses the challenges agility-minded companies face in differentiating their offerings in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.Read More >>
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