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Your Guide to the World of Bots

Bots are complicated. They're made to process repetitive actions autonomously and can be fairly easy to build, but they aren't always working on the side of good. Here's what you need to know. Read More >>


Localizing Customer Journeys — Part 2

Let's keep walking through some key stages of customer journeys that must be localized effectively to ensure effective and immersive experiences at all times.Read More >>

4 Companies to Watch in 2020

We cover many companies throughout the year, and not all of them make it to the EContent 100 list. But that doesn't make what they're doing any less interesting—or important. That's why, each year, we like to spotlight a few companies that we think are doing the kind of work that makes the industry sit up and take notice. We'll be keeping an eye on them during the next year, and you should too.Read More >>

Three Ways Transparency is Changing the Ad Industry

Across the board, advertisers are demanding greater transparency and a cleaned-up digital media supply chain. According to eMarketer's principal analyst Jillian Ryan, "transparency and control" have been "major concerns for brands" as agency and vendor relationships can often look like a "black box."Read More >>

4 Winning Content Strategies for Building Brand Trust

Brand trust is not a new concept. By using the following best practices, businesses can start building a better foundation for brand trust.Read More >>

Marketing in a Voice-First World

It was only a few short years ago that we were exclaiming the importance of a mobile-first content strategy. While those devices are still at the heart of most marketing strategies Voice is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix.Read More >>

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Data Privacy Post GDPR

Publishers that collect consumer data have skin in the game and will need to ensure that their data collection and security measures align with these emerging regulations. This may be easier said than done.Read More >>

Are Brands Bold Enough to Make Their Content Go Vertical?

The world has gone vertical (at least when it comes to video). This is not just a cliche, but a true fact of life. Just look at the "Stories" taking over platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Read More >>

The Stages of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the number one priority for boards, and it hasn't been lost on the IT industry. Here's your guide to planning a successful digital transformation.Read More >>

Localizing Customer Journeys — Part 1

Ensuring content effectiveness in every country is easier said than done. Yet there are some major best practices to bear in mind to avoid costly and irreversible faux pas. Read More >>

How Technology, 5G, Familiarity, and Community Shape Mobile Content

The always-on mobile lives we lead have changed our business lives and our personal lives—including the way we think and dream, along with our tastes, habits, and futures.Read More >>
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