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How Publishers Can Keep Up With the Duopoly

Publishers have tried various methods to win back share from the Facebook/Google duopoly. Not all have been successful. But there are some battle-tested tactics that stand out. These offer hope for publishers that are tired of losing business to Google and Facebook.Read More >>


Should You Translate Your Blog Posts or Commission Articles in Other Languages?

As more organizations choose to market their brands overseas, website translation has become high on the priority list. But straight translation doesn't necessarily work for every language, even with expert localization services applied. As such, this article will consider when it might be more appropriate to commission bespoke articles in other languages. Read More >>

No Blank Subjects: Follow Best Practices to Embed Video in Email

How do we best ensure that video delivered via email is reaching our audience? Let's look today at some best practices to adhere to when integrating video and email for customer outreach.Read More >>

Putting Cultural Intelligence (Back) in AI

How can you best connect and engage with human beings? The answer is simple. Keep individual aspirations and personal values at the center of innovation and interaction. Read More >>

Video Marketing: Three Things We Need to Get Right in 2019

Video today is already eclipsing the written word, and, if we get things right, the video of tomorrow could be even more disruptive. Here are three opportunities to address in 2019. Read More >>

4 Ways that Online Brands Can Prepare for Upcoming Social Media Marketing Trends

Many marketing teams are starting to wonder what lies ahead for social media. There were tons of new trends and features that debuted in 2018, which changed things dramatically for online marketing. While there are certainly no guarantees, experts have made some predictions based on data and past trends that online marketers should keep in mind as they start to develop their strategies for the upcoming year.Read More >>

Why Holiday Site Crashes Are Still Happening: Lessons Learned from Black Friday 2018

Why are some big retailers still experiencing site outages during the biggest online shopping weekend of the year? There are several factors at play. Read More >>

What’s Your Company’s Story and How are You Telling It?

Mastering the art of brand storytelling isn't easy. Here are five best practices, gleaned from one of the world's biggest brands, on how to successfully build an authentic content marketing voice. Read More >>

Developing a Cohesive Content Marketing Strategy

Unless you have a cohesive content marketing strategy in place, all the time and money you are spending on your efforts might be for naught. Here are 3 steps putting together a content marketing strategy.Read More >>

The Three E’s of Successfully Optimizing AI for Content

Ai may be the buzzword du jour of 2019, but it really does have practical applications. AI can help content marketers improve on the three E's: Enrichment, Execution, and Experience. Find out how technology can help you do your job better. Read More >>

Eye On with Heather Whaling, Founder and President, Geben Communication

Heather Whaling, founder and president of Geben Communication, a public relations firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, sees technology as a critical component of effective PR. Read More >>
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