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You’ll no doubt have read numerous articles and whitepapers detailing just how important this period is for your site. But you work in eCommerce, you know this, and you’re looking for practical ways to give yourself an edge, without drowning in stats and indulgent prose focused on scene setting rather than actionable insights, so let’s cut to the chase shall we?
This report will provide insights without the fluff, detailing 3 reasons why certain brands are set to reap the rewards on Black Friday and the subsequent peak period.  Download now to learn more!

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All marketers experience some kind of conflict with other departments, groups and teams. Wait, that’s not quite correct. Only 98% of marketers experience conflict (what are the blessed 2% doing?), according to Workfront’s State of Marketing Work report. Conflict shouldn’t catch marketers by surprise, so it’s no shock that successful teams find ways to circumvent conflicting priorities and communication gaps. According to Salesforce’s Fourth Annual State of Marketing report, high performing marketing teams are 12.8x more likely than underperforming ones to heavily coordinate efforts between touchpoints. And according to CMI and MarketingProf’s report, when it comes to project management flow during the content creation process, 56% of the most successful teams rated theirs as excellent or very good. Only 11% of the least successful teams could say the same.  Download now to learn more!

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The holiday season is once again upon us. For online retailers, this means more traffic and a welcome surge in sales, as shoppers trawl the internet for deals and gifts. And with more and more people opting for digital shopping sprees, e-commerce players are having to rethink the traditional customer experience. Today’s online shopper wants an engaging, flawless,
transparent shopping experience. All tied up in a bow.  Want to learn more?  Download now!

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Have you ever been fooled by an appealing list of translation services bundled up into a pretty price, only to realize the real cost was far greater than anticipated? Figuring out how to get what you need while staying within budget can be tricky – there are so many factors in play! Let's dive deeper into the ever-so-popular topic of language translation costs. Continue reading to learn more.    

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You’re developing new content and it needs to be translated into multiple languages. So is Steve from marketing and Mary from human resources — the list goes on. Across your organization content creators are producing pages upon pages every day, all with different styles, independent of each other without thought to standardization. Sound familiar?  If so, you’re not alone.

According to Common Sense Advisory, “48 percent of survey respondents reported over 50 authors in-house and only one-third had fewer than 20 authors.”  With no guidance or visibility into how content is being developed by various authors and no defined style, translation can get chaotic, costly and inconsistent.  

Here is some information on why it’s important to standardize your source content and how you can implement these best practices to boost translation quality, consistency and overall cost efficiencies across your entire organization.  Download now to learn more!

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Technology for customer self-service needs to do more than return a set of results from the knowledge base. It should provide answers in the context of the page a customer is already on, to increase the relevance of responses and reduce the time it takes for customers to solve their problems. It should also incorporate a community of your customers, giving them a way to answer one another’s questions.  Download this informative paper to learn more