Inside Content Marketing: EContent Magazine's Guide to Roles, Tools, and Strategies for Thriving in the Age of Brand Journalism

Inside Content MarketingThe advertising industry is under assault. Banner ads, commercials, coupons--they just don't cut it anymore. Nearly 60% of web users are now using ad blockers. Consumers are savvy, and what they want is information, authenticity, and value. This is effecting everyone from marketers to publishers. Many brands are turning to content marketing and sponsored content as the answer. In fact, some studies show that 90% of marketers now have content marketing programs. But simply having a program isn't enough to succeed. Only 6% of B2B marketers rate the effectiveness of their organization's content marketing as very effective. (Source: B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends--North America)

Inside Content Marketing draws on incisive profiles and interviews with successful content marketers to demystify the discipline and present tactics and strategies that are working today. But content marketing is a team effort, and Cramer aims to inform marketers, brand journalists, and publishers on how to thrive in the age of content marketing. 

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May 2016 | 208 pp/softbound | ISBN 978-1-937290-06-1 | Price $17.95 

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