Faces of Econtent

"Some days I will be locked into my chair, headphones on, surfing the web to compile competitive intelligence."
By - March 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 25, 2011
"I work alongside our production and content licensing teams to develop the final digital product for our web team and partners so they can access, manage, edit, publish, and distribute online."
By - January/February 2011 Issue, Posted Feb 02, 2011
"Being in the newsroom also means that every few months I get to work on some breaking news event where everything happens in an instant."
By - November 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 02, 2010
"While I don't do the translations, I am the hub for the various teams involved in the process, from product managers to developers, QA staff, technical writers, in-country teams, and translation vendors."
By - October 2010 Issue, Posted Oct 04, 2010
"I explain why the world needs more librarians and help to develop and educate librarians to fill the unmet needs out there."
By - September 2010 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2010
"I'm fascinated by trends in information delivery especially to enterprise users, and my role here is to help companies get the right information to the right people at the right time."
By - July/August 2010 Issue, Posted Jul 02, 2010
"There is a plethora of research and historical materials here with value in the global open access environment. It is a sustainable model, as it will be maintained in perpetuity with URLs that never change."
By - June 2010 Issue, Posted May 31, 2010
As a technical project lead for ClearForest, a Thomson Reuters company providing text-driven business intelligence solutions, Sumit Shah works primarily on the company's Calais initiative, which offers free metadata generation services, developer tools, and an open standard for the generation of semantic content. In this role, Shah has a broad mandate, both helping customers who have deployed OpenCalais and adapting the platform for internal use at Thomson Reuters.
By - May 2010 Issue, Posted May 04, 2010
"I train people from all over the world, and curriculum development and understanding of different learning modes all still applies. And I still give assignments; It's old school but it helps customers retain what I've shown them."
By - April 2010 Issue, Posted Apr 09, 2010
'Essentially, font management is a specialized form of digital asset management, except that the asset is also a system-level software resource.'
By - March 2010 Issue, Posted Mar 01, 2010
‘I spend most of my day working with faculty to help them both showcase and develop their research.'
By - January/February 2010 Issue, Posted Jan 25, 2010
"I was once at a customer site for a few days and noticed that a printer had been running continually, requiring an employee to feed it reams of paper..."
By - November 2009 Issue, Posted Nov 02, 2009
"I'm currently preparing an exhibition on Darwin [that] will open soon in our gallery."
By - October 2009 Issue, Posted Oct 01, 2009
"My focus has been on education and awareness-building."
By - September 2009 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2009
"Using scrum allows me to provide a rapid, flexible response to our client's business needs."
By - July/August 2009 Issue, Posted Jul 17, 2009
"Success is typically measured in small forward steps."
By - June 2009 Issue, Posted May 28, 2009
"I get to meet the people with whom I frequently work virtually."
By - May 2009 Issue, Posted May 01, 2009
"I am at the front line of customer interaction."
By - April 2009 Issue, Posted Apr 02, 2009
"Provide the best access to the huge variety of online resources."
By - March 2009 Issue, Posted Feb 19, 2009
"‘Success relies on whether we foster ongoing communication with our customers."
By - January/February 2009 Issue, Posted Feb 11, 2009
‘I hope to make a difference for the good.'
By - November 2008 Issue, Posted Oct 15, 2008
"It is challenging to find the best fit for the software."
By - October 2008 Issue, Posted Sep 25, 2008
"They were stunned at how quickly and easily it was done."
By - Sept 2008 Issue, Posted Aug 21, 2008
"My job is to translate their knowledge and expertise into the information that our customers need."
By - July/August 2008 Issue, Posted Jun 27, 2008
"I'm measured on the maintenance of the site's content."
By - June 2008 Issue, Posted Jun 02, 2008
"Usage metrics only tell part of the story."
By - May 2008 Issue, Posted May 07, 2008
"Sometimes customer service is like walking a tightrope, due to the time difference."
By - January/February 2008 Issue, Posted Jan 25, 2008
"I don't get woken up in the middle of the night these days."
By - November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2007
"I like to be out in front of costumers as much as possible."
By - October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 05, 2007
“I go out and play on the internet at least once a month just to see what is going on out there.”
By - September 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 24, 2007
“Regular users, readers, and drive-by people come in and let us know what they think.”
By - July/August 2007 Issue, Posted Jul 31, 2007
"I work with salespeople to make sure they have the tools they need to make sales."
By - June 2007 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2007
“We come up with a method to map the current content to the new application.”
By - May 2007 Issue, Posted May 01, 2007
"We drive the vision and the strategy of the product lines."
By - April 2007 Issue, Posted Mar 22, 2007
“I’m part of a team that helps the company go to market in the publishing industry.”
By - March 2007 Issue, Posted Feb 22, 2007
“I help people from the planning phase through to the actual implementation.”
"I use a statistical approach to get data into sensible and usable form.”
By - November 2006 Issue, Posted Nov 09, 2006
“We want to know about their relationships with the computer.”
By - October 2006 Issue, Posted Oct 05, 2006
“Our profiles are written by real people and are not just boilerplate.”
By - September 2006 Issue, Posted Sep 08, 2006
“It’s about your investment in your home and what upgrades you can make to it.”
By - July/August 2006 Issue, Posted Jul 25, 2006
“Leading the standards efforts gives us an earlier awareness of worldwide adoption.”
By - June 2006 Issue, Posted Jun 16, 2006
“I make certain that we get a positive ROI.”
By - May 2006 Issue, Posted May 02, 2006
“We make being a reference for EMC Documentum fun.”
By - April 2006 Issue, Posted Apr 17, 2006
“Many customers are under deadline and they need to have access to the information as quickly as possible.”
“If you are a researcher who goes to many different data sources or search engines, we can make all of those come together in one place.”
By - November 2005 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2005
"The Internet has so changed the role of information for large global brands."
By - October 2005 Issue, Posted Oct 12, 2005
"Business people crave a little humor now and then."
By - September 2005 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2005
“We help publishers by identifying problems and solutions.”
By - July/August 2005 Issue, Posted Jul 29, 2005