Agile Minds

Mobile technologies are becoming embedded, ubiquitous, and networked—paving the way for an always-on and always-aware society. The enhanced capabilities mobile technologies offer for rich social interaction could totally transform how we work, learn, and live. Yet most content providers remain unimpressed. They focus on delivering a few wireless-enabled enterprise applications with a preponderance of predictable mainstream mobile content like ringtones, wallpapers, and logos, which by definition often appeals to the lowest common denominator. Mobile content can—and must be—much more
- April 2006 Issue, Posted Apr 14, 2006
In essence, we can create, access, and share what we want, when and how we want it. Increasingly, we are taking charge of our content experiences. The content creation and distribution landscape will never be the same. While this newfound freedom of self-expression is both liberating and invigorating, we’re only beginning to understand what we can achieve when we use technology to create a network of ourselves.